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A race to come!(bf1942)
« am: Oktober 26, 2006, 18:58:48 Nachmittag »

Hey peeps!

I am organising a fun jeeprace on a custom map. It is the second time Im doing this. Some will race this friday 27-9 (testraces) and Saturday 4 november @ 8pm amsterdam timezone. Youre welcome to join in at anytime.

The map is called Rocky Mountain Races. I have just finished the new version. You can download it here:

Rules are simple:
Map restarts, you spawn, take a jeep and race
The first to finish wins the race :)
Do not disrupt the gameplay during a race. There are many jeeps, some people enjoy destroying them all @ once. Its fun for a while but not during the race as the whole server lags. Weapons I have disabled though.
You may take a new jeep and continue the race when u die.
You must finish in a jeep.
*and thats it.

This is the route we will drive:

During the week people will be on the server training for the race or just having some fun together. The map isnt easy, it definatly requests some practice.

When you need inspiration, you can watch a video from the first Rocky Mountains Jeeprace:

I hope you will enjoy things. You can find the map on the server called: Rocky Mountain Races (ip The server will have 40 or 45 slots during the races that saturday, full is full.
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