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Fragen zu Ban's auf RBK-Servern / Banned from server
« am: August 14, 2007, 15:36:36 Nachmittag »
HAHAHAHAHA lol so many smileys... anyway... I:|H
About 1 hour ago i was banned from the RBK-midway24/7 server for what i think: i sayed in public that i used aimbot (NOOOOT TRUEEE!!!)My name in the RBK server: (in cool writing >:D) winterfox,apocalypse ,big red one, and the one i was banned with BROKEN ARROW
I am sorry if this was on the rules or something like that but i assure you that i am not hacker , u should have taken screenshot of me and seen if i hacked!? before making desisions. :|r

I assure you that i am 100% owner , 0% hacker  .... plz unbann me u can see in the log that i am on RBK server allot of time cuz i love it

hahahaha TITS :)8)

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