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Fragen zu Ban's auf RBK-Servern / Re: bann ?!?!?
« am: Mai 05, 2008, 19:15:18 Nachmittag »
ow lol, those yellow lines probably, never see those, ah well, happy times

Fragen zu Ban's auf RBK-Servern / bann ?!?!?
« am: Mai 01, 2008, 15:46:01 Nachmittag »
hi folks

was pretty surprised yesterday night when i took out a tank halfway down the allies runway as axis, didnt get a warning or anything , i never planecamp or attack people in their base while when i was allies i saw several planes camping several times , when i said something about it the reply was : stop moaning ...maybe i was a bit too close i almost always pick em up at the end of the runway, i apologise for that but a bann is a bit harsh in my opinion, i play this server for years and never had any trouble ,  i would apreciate it if someone could lift the bann

-]NH[- DeViL!

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