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Fragen zu Ban's auf RBK-Servern / Applause
« am: April 09, 2008, 22:45:49 Nachmittag »
Fantastic job! after 4 years of loyalty to RBK i have finally been rewarded with a ban.

1. Why was i not given Admin warning'(s)?
2. Please explain the reason for ban?
3. What is the purpose for the ban?
4. What are the admin guidelines ?
5. How long is the ban?
6. Was this REALLY necessary?

Very dissapointed Hass.......i await a reply with anticipation.

Fragen zu Ban's auf RBK-Servern / Repeat TK'ers
« am: März 25, 2007, 16:19:43 Nachmittag »
Hi fellow killers

I do not usually do this but today i feel i have to have my say.
On RBK EL AL today a player using the names, spectre, spec back & I RAPE BLACK KIDS (which in itself is very offensive)  was constantly teamkilling on purpose, subsequently getting kicked  from server at -6 points and reconnecting after 1 minute and repeating the whole teamkilling again. I ask that this player be banned permanently from the server.

Is there any way to stop repeated teamkillers from reconnecting after just 1 minute? The offenders know what they are doing and 1 minute does not seem near enough punishment.

Vielen danke

This is Hass in the desert, signing off & going to have a large drink  X:|P

RBK Gameserver / Market Garden
« am: November 09, 2006, 14:58:35 Nachmittag »
Hello Soldiers

I have played the new Market Garden server and really like the map, but notice that not many people are using the server  ???

I have a suggestion...........................When gazala was first put on to RBK it was used in conjunction with El Al on the El Al server and everyone became aware about  Gazala map, subsequently many players from El Al now also use the Gazala Server.  Maybe if the same tactic was used again then Market garden will to become a more popular server. ;D

What do you think guys?

The weapon of Hass destruction

RBK Gameserver / El Al & Gazala
« am: Oktober 09, 2006, 03:04:26 Vormittag »
Hello All, i hope someone can answer this  :)

Gazala has now been added to what was El Al Only. Is this a permanent fixture???

Why has Gazala been chosen instead of other maps?

Thank you

RBK Gameserver / El Alamein PING lowered
« am: Juni 10, 2006, 12:31:09 Nachmittag »
Hello, first let me apologise for not writing in german as my language skills are very poor  :-[.
And i hope my question is on the correct forum.

The Ping on RBK El Alamein has been lowered and as a result a regular player cannot now play.  What is the reason for lowering the ping limit? and also is there anything the player can do to get himself back to the game.

I myself very much enjoy the game and think that the admins do a great job, thank you.

I hope this question is ok for you all to translate, and i apologise if i have placed it in the wrong place.



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