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Eve Of Destruction / Re: Eve of Destruction released v.0.46 (BF1942) & v.0.15(BFV)
« am: Februar 19, 2006, 14:08:29 Nachmittag »
EoD for BFV v.15 AND EoD v.46 for BF1942

: Trahn_Lee_Liao @ Fri Feb 17, 2006 4:07 pm

Okay, here it is.. Public Beta of EoD v.15 for BFV and Public Beta v.46 for BF1942.
These are full installs. Be sure to remove any previous versions of EoD from the game version (Battlefield Vietnam or Battlefield 1942) Mods folders. That you have installed on your computer. They are not compatible.



Eod v.46 for Bf1942 Files:;57146;57145;57144

The only known issues pending at this time for Eve of Destruction for 1942 are with the map, We were Soldiers Once. Somehow, somewhere in packing the build. The changes to the map to prevent a CTD were not fixed or reintroduced into the map. Conquest Mode will still CTD the client. CTF works fine. By the way, CTD = Crash to Desktop. I will be patching this REAL QUICK! I apologize to everyone.

Also, there are still some issues with WINDOWS Server hosted Co-op mode. It has to do with Windows itself. Running the server build as if it were a windows 98 program may allow you to run co-op mod. With a LINUX server - co-op mod works just fine. It has me stumped at the moment. I am continuing to sort out the problem.

EoD v.15 for Battlefield Vietnam:;57142;57141;57140

There are some known issues with this build. We will be making a small patch to fix things as people report back problems.

The first known issue is with the map An_Loa_Valley. The map will load and play fine, but CTD when the flag at the Moutain Top is captured by the Aussie Team. This has to do with a vehicle that does not spawn in until that flag is captured. (The vehicle has a problem and has been removed from the next version of the map.)

We have also had some reports of Au_Shau_Valley causing a CTD. However, I have NOT been able to replicate that one.

You may find some maps with floating vegetation, a tree or two out of place and that sort of thing. I have done alot of cleanup work on alot of maps, but there are always things like that we miss.

Some may ask why we released the builds with some issues. Well, gang.. In all honesty, In regards to EoD 1942 v.46. I did not play EVERY map again. In the case of EoD v.15 for BFV. I did not get the information from the playtesters until AFTER I had put up a link for the download of the client.

In the meantime. Enjoy what we have for you this release. I will get the bugs cleaned up as they are reported. Very Happy

Just keep me posted!

Eve Of Destruction / Re: EOD 0.45 Drausen
« am: Oktober 11, 2005, 16:58:34 Nachmittag »
Von welchem soundbug sprichts du?????

Eve Of Destruction / Re: EOD 0.45 Drausen
« am: Oktober 10, 2005, 22:51:02 Nachmittag »
Machs erstmal besser Absurdis!!!!!

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