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Project Reality 1942 v18a DRKEdition new Released!
« am: Mai 19, 2016, 19:16:49 Nachmittag »

We are proud about to present you as first Website and Community "" the news and Pictures about the new amazing BF1942 v18a DRKEdition (a modification for Battlefield 1942), developed by "bluedrake42. In the new past this guy pushed the "Galactic Conquest" Multiplayer Mod very well. It is in very early stages of development. Keep track of development progress on our Discord development changes, as well as update videos on Bluedrake42’s Youtube channel.
Enjoy the "Project Reality 1942" long long 3 hours around movie:

 Currently BF1942 DRKEdition includes the entire standalone Battlefield 1942 game, as well as Mumble support provided through a launcher, and an additional Drakeling Labs community made mod inspired after the Project Reality standalone game. This mod contains 83 Maps in Conquest Mode. Some currently maps you know from the Battlefield 1942 specially Mappack, X-Pack 1 (road to Rome) and X-Pack 2 (Secret Weapons). You have no mini map anymore, you can only watch the huge map via the (m) Button. The view is only in your Vehicle view. And the weapons you have the watch from the iron sight.
We intend to expand our version of this game with ongoing content, advanced features, and general support. This will include over time, support for community made mods (such as Forgotten Hope, Galactic Conquest, Battlefield Pirates, and more) a refined launcher system with full Mumble integration, and a client autopatcher (which will allow us to automatically push new maps for events, content updates, and general patches.)
The package contains (please think about it, this package overwrite your old Battlefield 1942 installation, we work for bet a seperate Download for you):
BF1942 v1.61b
PR1942 v18a
Launcher v0050
BF1942 "PR1942 v18a" Mod DRKEdition: Download

 Now the map overview for you.;-)

Assault of Crete:


Holland 44:

Battle of Carentan:

Battle of Cherbourg:

Leningrad, remind us on the Stalingrad map, only better now:

France Hills:


Saint Saveur le Vicomte:

Peliliu (BF 1942 Version):

Road to London:

We think it's a very good project, the most advantage would be have the BF1942 Online league. You have some standard vehicles there and not the big selection of the weapons like in the Battlegroup42 or FH/FHSW Mod, but you have a good new mod in the Community family, which is only developed a couple of month at the moment and it gives you a lot of hopes for the future. And if you support it, the party goes going on. After the years of development all the mods starting small and getting step by step huge, powered by the support of the fans. You'll see it by the huge Projects like Battlegroup42, Forgotten Hope, FHSW, Battlefield 1918, Eve of Destruction, SuperDC or Galactic Conquest for example. Lot of this mods starting development 2002, after release from BF 1942.  If you’re excited for this project (PR 1942), enjoy what we do, and help us to continue doing it please? Visit our community, download and play our mods. Tell your friends and share it please…
Keep an eye on this page for more information and guides as we continue development. See you on the battlefield!


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